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jewelry appraisals and jewelry repair / ring sizing in alexandria, la

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Refinishing and removing scratches, rounding the shank, retipping up to six prongs, rhodium plating any white gold, check tighten, polish and clean

jewelry appraisals in alexandria la

Jewelry Appraisals

If you’re in need of a jewelry appraisal, rely on our expert team to inspect your items and deliver an accurate value. Aside from knowing how much your jewelry is worth, appraisals are also necessary for estate tax evaluations and insurance purposes.

jewelry repair near me

Jewelry Repair & Cleaning

Take advantage of our jewelry repair services and bring your favorite pieces back to life. From simple soldering to more complex repairs, our team has a wealth of experience so you can rest assured knowing that your jewelry is in good hands. If you have a broken item, bring it in for a free initial inspection today.

wedding Ring Sizing in alexandria la

Ring Sizing

There is nothing worse than having a beautiful piece of jewelry that you can’t wear. If you have a ring that’s either too big, or too small bring it to Schnack’s Fine Jewelry. Our expert repair team is here to ensure that your rings fit like a glove.

diamond remounting jewelry repair in alexandria la


As time goes on, our personal styles evolve. It’s only natural! If you’re considering remounting your diamond to transform it into something new, stop in to explore your options. It’s our goal to help you create a jewelry piece that reflects who you are today, not who you were ten years ago.

rolex watch repair schnacks fine jewelry alexandria la

Watch Repair

From broken components to water damage, if you have a watch or Rolex timepiece that needs repair, the Schnack’s team will help you get back on track. From battery replacements to crystal replacements, we offer a variety of services to ensure that your clock keeps on ticking.

pearl restringing in alexandria la


Pearls are very delicate, but when cared for properly they can be treasured for many generations. In order to ensure that none of your precious pearls go missing Schnack’s gladly offers pearl restringing. In general we recommend having this done every 2-5 years.

custom jewelry designs schnacks fine jewelry alexandria la

Custom Jewelry Designs

If you have a jewelry vision that you want transformed into reality, rely on our expert design team. Whether it’s repurposing a family heirloom, or creating something entirely new, we’re here to help you create that piece that you’ve always dreamed of.

Stop in and have your ring cleaned and inspected free by one of our knowledgeable sales staff while you wait.